Top 20 Recommendations for Intelligent People

the website that shows you what you should watch, listen to, read & play

Struggling to find suggestions of good movies and TV series to watch, music to listen to, book to read or video games to play? Frustrated with seeing lists created by people of questionable intelligence? I've been there.

That's the reason why I've created these lists (and this website). Recommendations of the best things for the discerning and intelligent person (or in my case the pretentious) to watch, listen to, read or play.

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Top 20 lists (because 10 was not enough!) for excellent movies/films for a variety of different genres (all-time best, war, science fiction etc...).

Top 20 lists for the greatest TV drama and comedy series of all-time. Enough hours of viewing so you won't have to leave the house for a year. More lists to come for different types of TV shows.