The 7 Best British Sports Films/Movies of All Time

for the intelligent person.

If I had to think which was the worst genre of movies/films, I would have to choose sports movies. Not because I don't like sport (the opposite is true), but because most of movies about sport seem to have the same banal inspirational story line. Somebody comes from nothing, endures difficulties, but eventually through perseverance wins (normally in the last couple of seconds of the match/game).

Surprisingly, Britain being the home of many sports, hasn't made a lot of sports movies. The majority of those it has, are utter shite. But there are a few which are good (few being the appropriate term, I was unable to come up with a top ten) and are not inspirational (not a very British trait).

The 7 films I have selected, are either wholly or partially set in Britain or have a main character who is British and cover a variety of sports (football, rugby, athletics etc...) Apart from one (Touching the Void which is a documentary), all them are fictional films or films based on a true story.

Movie Title Sport
1. Chariots of Fire Athletics
2. The Firm Football/Soccer
3. This Sporting Life Rugby
4. The Damned United Football/Soccer
5. The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner Athletics
6. Rush Motor Racing
7. Touching the Void Climbing