The 10 Best Navy Movies/Films of All Time

for the intelligent person.

Selecting the 10 best navy movies of all time was surprisingly a hard thing to do. Although there are thousands of movies made about fighting on land, relatively few have been made about naval combat or fighting on the high seas (the majority of which were made during or in the 20 or so years after the Second War World). The majority of these are pretty terrible.

After many hours deliberating and speaking to trusted friends, I have finally come up with a list of the top ten navy movies. Although most of the films are about the navy, one isn't (African Queen). It is included here because it's both an excellent film and is about boats and war.

Movie Title Country
1. Das Boot Germany
2. Master and Commander Britain
3. In Which We Serve Britain
4. The Caine Mutiny United States
5. The African Queen United States
6. Lifeboat United States
7. The Bounty Britain
8. Sink the Bismark Britain
9. The Hunt for Red October United States
10. The Cruel Sea Britain