The 20 Best Comedy Movies & Films of All Time

for the intelligent person.

Below are my 20 favourite comedy films/movies of all time. Good comedy is extremely difficult to do (just watch Adam Sandler movies to see how bad it can be). The films I have choosen are of a variety of different types of comedy genres (some are very black, some are rom-coms while others are basically slap-stick). But the one thing they have in common, they all made me laugh a lot.

Comedy is extremely subjective, what one person finds funny another doesn't. So I'm sure some people will hate my selection. Sorry.

Film Title Director
1. Monty Python's Life of Brian Terry Jones
2. Kind Hearts and Coronets Robert Hamer
3. Annie Hall Woody Allen
4. This is Spinal Tap Rob Reiner
5. Sideways Alexander Payne
6. Naked Gun David Zucker
7. Some Like It Hot Billy Wilder
8. Hannah and Her Sisters Woody Allen
9. Groundhog Day Harold Ramis
10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Terry Jones/Terry Gilliam
11. Withnail and I Bruce Robinson
12. Airplane David Zucker etc...
13. After Hours Martin Scorsese
14. Four Weddings and a Funeral Mike Newell
15. The Odd Couple Gene Saks
16. Manhattan Woody Allen
17. Trading Places John Landis
18. The Graduate Mike Nichols
19. Election Alexander Payne
20. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Frank Oz