The 20 Best Police & Crime Movies & Films of All Time

for the intelligent person.

Below are my 20 favourite police & crime films/movies of all time. Obviously, all the films below have a story which is focused on the police, crime, gangsters or serial killers. Many of the movies I have choosen could be described as action movies, but there are others which are more serious (less action and more drama).

Just to mention before anybody says anything, I haven't included the Die Hard films here, because I think they are more action than crime movies.

Film Title Director
1. The Godfather Parts 1 & 2 Francis Ford Coppola
2. Seven David Fincher
3. Internal Affairs (1990) Mike Figgis
4. Goodfellas Martin Scorsese
5. Dirty Harry Don Siegel
6. The Hitcher (1986) Robert Harmon
7. Chinatown Roman Polanski
8. Carlito's Way Brian De Palma
9. Fargo Joel Coen
10. Serpico Sidney Lumet
11. Get Carter (1971) Mike Hodges
12. The French Connection William Friedkin
13. The Untouchables Brian De Palma
14. No Country For Old Men Ethan & Joel Coen
15. Reservoir Dogs Quentin Tarantino
16. The Town Ben Affleck
17. Witness Peter Weir
18. LA Confidential Curtis Hanson
19. The Departed Martin Scorsese
20. Scarface Brian De Palma