The 10 Best PlayStation Games for Women

Video games are still largely dominated by titles aimed at men or boys (shooting, driving and sports games). Although there are games out there for women, most of them are not very good (fitness and dance games being good examples). So it can be difficult if you are a women to find games which are worth playing; well made games which have a good engaging story, test your ability to solve problems and are not patronising.

Fortunately, there are some out there. The PlayStation games in the below top ten are the ones which I (in fact my girlfriend, Patricia) think are the best available for women to enjoy playing. They all contain a storyline and/or a style of gameplay which will be engaging to women (and to men as well, if I am anything to go by).

All the games are available for the PlayStation 3 and some of them for the PlayStation 4.

To see what other people think about the PlayStation games in the list (don’t just take our word for it), click on the amazon image Amazon logo and link at the end of each of the games listed.

Game Title Console
1. Beyond Two Souls PS3 Amazon logo and link
2. Heavy Rain PS3 Amazon logo and link
3. The Walking Dead PS3 Amazon logo and link
4. Lego (Game Series) PS3 & PS4 Amazon logo and link
5. Bioshock: Infinite PS3 Amazon logo and link
6. The Last of Us PS3 Amazon logo and link
7. Uncharted (Game Series) PS3 Amazon logo and link
8. Sonic Generations PS3 Amazon logo and link
9. Silent Hill: Downpour PS3 Amazon logo and link
10. Little Big Planet PS3 Amazon logo and link